Application in detail for Kyburz® products

Corrosion of pipelines made of steel, stainless steel and copper while refurbishing
Among other things, Kyburz® insulation units are applied for electrical separation of steel or copper from modern stainless steel pipelines. Kyburz® products are often used to electrically separate copper canisters, copper heat exchangers and other components of steel pipelines. In the opposite case, it is also possible to electrically separate pipes or cooling coils made of copper from enamelled steel boilers or tanks.

Corrosion of underground piping
Different compositions of concrete and earth are locally conditioned and can lead to elementary streams, which has a corrosive effect on metal pipes when in contact with a conductive pipeline installation. By means of electrical separation these elementary streams can be prevented. Pipes with corrosion problems are cut at a suitable point and a Kyburz® insulation joint is inserted into the pipe, which is reconnected afterwards.

Corrosion of underground pipelines and tanks near to rail-ways and tram-lines
Vagrant currents often occur near rail-ways and tram-lines. As soon as a current finds an “easy” way into the earth through nearby pipes it will follow that way. Due to decomposition, holes at the entry and exit points will be the consequence. Those destructive currents can as well be prevented by means of electrical separation, installing a  Kyburz® insulation unit at a suitable point within the pipeline.

Protection of sacrificial anode within boilers against premature destruction due to unwanted currents
Enamelled steel boilers are mostly protected by sacrificial anodes. When currents (elementary or vagrant) reach this anode through pipelines, it is rapidly and massively decomposed. As a result, its corrosion protection grows worthless. Furthermore, the particles of the sacrificial anode change the water flavour. These currents can be prevented by electrical separation, directly at the connection of the boiler. Particularly for this application Kyburz® provides the insulating connector KD-L. It is simply applied on the external threaded connection of the boiler and so establishes a connection with the existing pipelines.

Inhibition of electro-smog emission
In countering electro-smog a heating pipe, for instance, can be identified as a source of electro-smog emission. If the normal thread in this heating pipe is replaced by a Kyburz® insulation joint, the current conduction through the pipe can be stopped and therefore, the emission is narrowed.

Cathodic corrosion protection

Where possible, the voltage that is applied to ensure corrosion protection should be confined to the parts which are to be protected. Connection pipelines need to be voltage-free and no currents may flow through lines (e.g. fuel tanks on petrol stations, underground oil tanks). Such pipes can be easily isolated by using an insulation joint at the connection or junction.