Male–Female Fitting
Connector (KD-L)

Male thread on femail thread

Material transition
brass – steel, stainless steel – steel, stainless steel – stainless steel, brass – stainless steel,
brass – brass, steel – steel

Water, fuel, diesel, heating oil, natural gas and further fluids and gases

Pressure rating
PN 10 (10 bar) – higher ratings on request

Temperature medium

1500 Volt

Housing made of steel, brass or stainless steel. Sleeves, see material transition

SVGW/SSIGE and DVGW approved for gas and water

The insulating socket consists of a housing and a sleeve.  With an insulating plastic coating (Hostaform) the sleeve is steady and inseperably linked to the housing. The insulating socket is connected with a female thread and a male thread. The material for housing and sleeve of the insulating socket can be individually selected, fitting best for your pipeline. Simply choose the one that is most suitable for your materials and your lines will be protected against contact corrosion.

The length is equivalent to GF 300 (Georg Fischer joint). Without any pipeline modifications you can simply replace an existing fitting with a new isolating one.

Application in boilers
With installing the insulating fitting KD-L you protect your boiler against vagabond currents and premature dismantling of the sacrificial anode. The insulating fitting electrically seperates the lines and therefore prevents damaging current flows and corrosion.

Messing = brass / Edelstahl = stainless steel /  Stahl = steel /